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How to find my IPTV provider?

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  • How to find my IPTV provider?

    Hi All, my problem is that I got a receiver from my father in law and he can't find any e-mails or info from when he brought the box, I think the IPTV may have already been setup for him by the person/company he brought it from. So I need some way of finding our who my provider for IPTV is. It is running through the xTreamTV plugin so I've had a look at the location on the box that the plugin is installed hoping to find a config/settings file that might tell me, but so far no luck, which suggests the service provider details are hard coded into the plugin

    Does anyone have any suggestion as to how I can found out who the supplier is? Once I know I want to contact them to find out how to setup an IPTV EPG from their service.


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    IPTV provider is a kind of box that can carry emails but some plugins cannot show the emails because they have no capacity in it. All in all, is the fastest way of receiving and sending emails.