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  • A warning to UK users

    I have recently ordered a Zgemma Star H2 direct from the manufacturer and have discovered that the 13A plug and fuse are both counterfeit and very dangerous. The fuse does not contain silica and could explode if it was ever to blow. In this case however, the fuse carrier is not even connected inside the 13A plug so the fuse will never blow - even if you remove the fuse completely, the unit will still be live. In addition the earth pin (which admittedly isn't used as it is a double insulated power supply) is partially insulated. Genuine BS1363 plugs should never have a partially insulated pin, only the shorter two pins should be partially insulated. The pins are also incorrectly sized.

    In the UK, socket outlets are usually on a 32A ring final circuit (ring main) and in the event of a fault within the Zgemma power supply, the 0.75mm conductors within this cable will catch fire long before the circuit disconnects at the DB (fuse board).

    I would urge all zgemma owners to check, and if need be replace, the 13A plug to C7 (figure of 8) mains cable on their box for a genuine and safe replacement cable to avoid the risk of fire and/or loss of life.

    I am happy to assist anyone who needs assistance in checking their cable or sourcing a suitable replacement.

    I can confirm I have made the manufacturer aware (Shenzhen Air Digital Technology Co., Ltd) and am currently awaiting a further response. I will update this thread accordingly if and when I receive further communication from them.

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    Take a look at your mobile phone charger plug, plastic earth pin??? Yes, Hairdryer - yes that has one two. Just have a look around your house and you'll find lots of items are double insulated and don't require the earth pin or the fuse in a plug..... If it's a figure eight connector at the other end of the mains plug it MUST be being plugged into a double insulated product...think about it!

    The Zgemma Star models use double insulated power supplies with built in fuse, hence are perfectly safe with the cable supplied.

    If you don't believe me look here for a simple clear explanation


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      mtpockets, if you are going to try and contradict me then please at least take the time to properly read the original post and conduct proper research. As a qualified electrician and electrical engineer I trust you will understand why I don't feel the need to read a webpage about plastic earth pins.

      I stated in my original post that the appliance is double insulated (class 2) and therefore the earth pin is not used, but the earth pin is not plastic which is what your link discusses, it is metal but partially insulated (like the line and neutral pins are and should be). BS1363 requires either a metal earth pin which would be suitable for class 1 and class 2 appliances, or an entirely plastic earth pin suitable only for class 2 (double insulated) appliances. The partially insulated pin in this instance meets neither of these requirements and was the first indication that the plug was counterfeit prompting further investigation (without which I probably would not have discovered the issue regarding the fuse holder not even being connected to anything).

      The incorrectly sized pins are an issue because they could potentially lead to arcing between the pins and the contacts wihin the socket whilst the product is in use, or physically damage the socket terminals leading to issues when correctly sized plugs are later used in that socket.

      You state "The Zgemma Star models use double insulated power supplies with built in fuse, hence are perfectly safe with the cable supplied." but here you completely miss the point. It is a common misconception that the fuse within a BS1363 plug is there to protect the appliance - it is not, it is there to protect the flex between the plug and the appliance. It may also provide protection to the appliance but it is the responsibility of the product designer to determine whether this is the case and to provide additional fusing within the appliance if is deemed that this is required.

      I have no idea whether there is a fuse within the power supply - there is certainly no evidence of that externally but I'm not about to start cutting the PSU open to confirm one way or another as it is irrelevant to the issue being discussed.

      Please see for futher information regarding many of the issues I've highlighted.

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        i always use the original sky power cord to plug into the power supply it is the figure of eight connector the same as the h2 box but it is uk made


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          Wasn't trying to contradict and it appears different leads are being supplied - mine is a solid plastic "earth pin" and correct size, not doubting your quals and yes a counterfeit and dangerous lead shouldn't be supplied, I'd only skim read your post and to be honest my hasty response was because I'm fed up with people saying the unit itself is fake too, you're quite right to clarify


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            Not a problem mtpockets, my reply was also hastily written as I was going for the evening and I wanted to respond as quickly as possible as I had already received confirmation from others that the cables included with their Zgemma boxes had the same issues as mine and I wanted to ensure that people weren't given the impression that this was nothing to worry about, so my apologies if my response came across as a little aggressive.

            Aside from the mains lead issues, I'm entirely happy with my H2 so I'm certainly not trying to imply the boxes themselves are fake.

            Just to confirm, with the power supplies being double insulated, it is the fuse related issues that are the major concern rather than the earth pin (although the other issues identified are not good news, they do not post as much of an immediate danger as the fuse related issues), but the partially insulated earth pin does serve to immediately indicate that a plug is counterfeit so is a good thing to look out for on any newly purchased appliance.

            I have received an interim response from the manufacturer and it does give the impression they are taking the issue seriously and conducting investigations. I will of course post an update when I receive a more detailed response.

            In the meantime, my recommendations to all users at this stage are as follows:-

            1) If the earth pin (the longer of the 3 pins) on your supplied plug is part metal and part plastic (the shorter two pins should be like this, but the earth pin should not), as opposed to being either entirely metal or entirely plastic, then the plug is definitely counterfeit and should be discarded - either replace the lead for a UK sourced one, or if you prefer to do so, cut the plug off and put a new UK sourced plug on in its place (remembering to install a genuine, UK sourced, BS1362 3 amp fuse at the same time).

            2) If the earth pin is entirely metal or entirely brass (as specified in British Standard 1363) then further investigation will be required to determine whether it is genuine and safe. The first test would be to prise out the fuse cover with a small flat blade screwdriver, take out the fuse, reinstall the fuse cover without a fuse in place, and plug the device back in. If the device still works without the fuse installed, then again, the plug or the entire lead should be replaced as above.

            3) Finally, if the device stops working when the fuse is removed, I would still take the precaution of a) replacing the fuse for a genuine, UK sourced, BS1362 3 amp fuse, and b) checking the size, length, and spacing of the pins by comparing carefully to a known genuine UK plug. The reason I suggest replacing the fuse is that the fuse in the plug I received was also counterfeit and had no silica filling, it was also (according to the information printed on it) rated at 13A rather than 3A. It can be difficult to determine whether a fuse is genuine - construction quality, colour, print quality, and weight can all help give a feel for whether a fuse is counterfeit, but there is no foolproof way of determining this for certain so I feel replacement when in doubt is the best option - Watch the video at


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              Thanks Martin for pointing this hazard out, after checking my plug it seems that I have the one described, I bought the box of ebay about 3 months ago,
              like you say the box is excellent but I will have to get this plug sorted. also forgot to mention the box still works without the 13amp fuse in the plug



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                Dear UK clients Based one end client bought one zgemma-star H2 and tested May 29th, he says he found the Plug has FUSE Issue, he has sent our mail, our QC department has been checking now, we will give professional report later this week. First, UK Clients do not worry about any dangerous problem, even the plug has fuse issue, the receiver is still safe and security since the power adaptor has full security solutioin, and then the receiver has security solution also, so it has 3 levels security. Other two parts (power adaptor and receiver ) will make you safe. Secondly. UK Clients do not worry, You can ask your supplier to change a new one in next 2weeks since it takes time to send more plugs from china to UK Thirdly, Air Digital only buy the plug as it is a optional spare parts, only UK use this plug. Other countries no have this issues. Air Digital do not proudce this Plug, we will check with supplier of Plug and sovle this issue. However, the Zgemma-star has four modules : Original OE Enigma2 Zgemma-star S one tuner, Zgemma-star 2S twin satellite tuner Zgemma-star H1 DVB-C combo HD, Zgemma-star H2 DVB-S2+T2/C, Untill now, these four modules working well since they are original Enigm2.0 Linux OS and affordable and reasonable price. Overall, Thank you all for supporting Chinese Original OE Enigma2 linux OS Zgemma-star Series., We will do our best to make the best quality. By the way, Linux4.01 will release for zgemma tomorrow and H3 H4 coming soon. Best Regards, Shenzhen Air Digital Technology Co.,ltd 2015-05-31


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                  I'd like to emphasise that I have no issue with the receiver itself, I like the H2 and I liked the S2 that I owned previously.

                  I have always suspected that Air Digital do not produce the UK power cable themselves and they have confirmed as much both in the post above and within the ongoing email communications I have had with them direct.

                  I am also encouraged that they are taking the issue seriously and conducting investigations accordingly.

                  I do though have to take issue with Lily's comments about the product being safe to use even with the counterfeit plug because there is protection within the power supply and the receiver itself. Any such protection *may* help to prevent a catastrophic failure in the event of an overload but can only do so if the fault occurs downstream of whatever protection is there; it would for example provide no protection at all in the event of a short circuit on the rear of the C8 power inlet to the power supply.

                  One reason UK plugs have a fuse whereas European plugs do not is that our sockets are often supplied from a ring circuit protected by a 32 amp circuit breaker, whereas European sockets are usually supplied from a radial circuit protected by a circuit breaker in the 10-20 amp range.

                  Given a BS-EN 60898 B32 miniature circuit breaker (as commonly fitted in most modern UK fuseboards) will require a fault current of around 160 amps to guarantee tripping within 5 seconds, and indeed will happily allow 50 amps or so to flow for around 15 minutes before tripping, it is clear to see why the thin 0.75mm2 flex requires a 3 amp fuse within the plug itself.

                  The other issue regarding relying on protective measures within the power supply or receiver itself, is that the 13A plug to C7 (figure of eight connector) cable is such a common one in audio video devices that it would be very easy for a user to mix up which cable belongs to which box. Amongst the various boxes that are connected to my TV I have an apple TV, a PS3 and a freeview box, all of which use this type of cable. If the cables are all genuine, and all fused correctly at 3 amps, there is no issue with using whichever cable for whichever box. It is unlikely users will keep a record of which cables belong to or were supplied with which device.

                  Again, please let me re-iterate that I do not wish to put people off from purchasing these receivers or affect Air Digital's sales, and the fact that they are taking this issue seriously is to their credit as it is so often not the case with Chinese imported goods. I do though feel it is important to highlight the the potential risk with the power cable and ensure that affected owners have the information necessary to make an informed decision and hence to take the measures necessary to eliminate this risk (ie by replacing the power cable).


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                    Hi, friend,
                    Thank you very much for testing the receiver and the spare parts.
                    as we said, we will give report also we are taking solution to this, we are not sitting and not doing anything.

                    we have also let our reseller know, we will give more UK plugs based on BS to our reseller in case any UK clients ask.
                    Thanks again for your suggestions.


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                      Dear UK clients,
                      we have changed to BS standard UK PLUG in your following order.


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                        Hi Martin


                        I'm a complete starter with all this Linux sat box stuff.

                        Read your post previously.

                        I bought my zgemma star s2 last week off

                        I can confirm that my zgemma star s2 box also has the problem lead issue

                        I removed the fuse and the box still worked.

                        I've now swapped with another spare I have in the house and started testing everything else in the house :-)

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