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Green screen of death (Blue screen in OpenATV)

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  • Green screen of death (Blue screen in OpenATV)

    It's long story
    I have problem with my reciever. Permanently goes to green screen and I have no idea why. I was bought this reciever 2 months ago with OpenATV 4.2 firmware and everything works fine.
    Of course I start experimenting with plugins and sometimes reciever drop to green screen. Then I was try reinstall firmware and everything goes good again.
    But after one week start problem with green screen again without reason. Then I was try different firmwares and find problem with cccam 2.3.0. Then change to oscam and everything going fine again next week. Reflash new firmware again without any plugins (and without any softcam) and surprise... Green screen comming randomly around 30mins to 3 hour. Again and again. I was try different firmwares with same results drop to green screen. I was try OpenATV 4.2, Open ATV 5.1, OpenPLI 4.0, Opendroid 5.0 and last time HDfreaks 5.3.

    After install HDfreaks 5.3 reciever find me just 3 programs on Astra 3 (23.5).. Back to Open ATV 5.1 and same problem. Just 3 programs...
    Try simple tuner config - same result, try advanced config - same result.
    After changing to Tone Burst A/B find everything again.. Wtf? Whats happend Where can be problem ? Not possible find programs with simple settings.

    But green screen still comming and new firmwares doesn't help.

    Most of time in crash logs is problem python.

    Can anybody describe me, what is possible with this ? If anybody can help me, then I can send crashlog.

    Thank you for any help.

    UPDATE: After trying OpenPLI 3.0 remote stop working. Then update to OpenATV 4.2 and remote still not working. After update to OpenATV 5.1 remote start working again.

    New information: I take reciever to another room and plug diferrent coaxial cable. Running same FTA channel and over 4 hours without green screen.. It's possible problem with coaxial or electricity goes to green screen ??? On this new room scanned channels with simple tuner settings and find channels normally..
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    24 hrs without green screen.. with cccam 2.3.0. Time to try in living room again


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      After some testing I found where is my problem, but I don't know how to fix... If zgemma runs over ethernet cable always drop to death screen... (I was try different cable...) If I use wifi card, everything works normally without problems.. Any tips?


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        After long time I was take Zgemma S from wardrobe and start testing again. Take multimeter, open zgemma and big surprise. Voltage change randomly from 12V to 2V..
        After replace PSU Zgemma working without any problems


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          Strange. WIFI need mor power than LAN.


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