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Bootloader Zgemma H.2S (H3) ?

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  • Bootloader Zgemma H.2S (H3) ?

    Where can I find bootloader for H.2S?
    This one is correct for H.2S (dual core) ?
    When I try flash it (by USB) there is nothing to do (just like there is no USB stick - "Boot" and red light).

    I've problem with start of my reciver. I've bootloop with red lamp. When I flash new image openATV form USB, there works fine (I can restart, no problem) to time when I swich him off (power off). After that, when I swich them on H.2S got a bootloop.

    I've try openATV (5.1 few versions and 5.2), openVIX and openPLI - this same effect.

    PS. - USB Kingston Data Traveller 8 GB (new).

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        You can make your bootloader for H.2S by simply following the download and install instruction in the user manual. The Fulfillment center Philippines, can guide you further by the means of some physical examples on different operating systems at home.