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  • Openvix latest image

    Just wondering if people had same problem as me auto bouquets not working works fine on earlier images but not the latest Also will there be a fix for samba client?

    But overall a great little box!!

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    I am also having an issue with this version in that I am unable to update rytec providers. The firmware for OpenVix has just been released for 2.3.016 but has yet to be updated on this site. This may sort the issue you are currently experiencing. I am able to update my auto bouquets but having issues with epg.

    I was very impressed with these boxes but, due to the issues I am currently experiencing and the lack of support, it is slowly diminishing


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      Hi I managed to get mine running relatively well used auto bouquet to do a cable bouquet did not search for satellite! Then I downloaded auto bouquet 28.2 from plugins and did the satellite bouquet from there, just a work around for now hope it helps!


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        my version is not working properly please checkout what's the problem here i also burned the firmware correctly but no response also telugu language not response correctly