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  • USB flash problem

    Just after a little advice or what step to take next.

    To cut a long story short, I recently bought a Zgemma Star 2s. It came preloaded with Open ATV 5.1 and was working great. I had it all set up recording, all test lines i tried was worked great. I then download a plug in called eventlistviewer, did the restart as requested and it got stuck in a boot loop. Did a little research and saw that it needed to be reflashed. I formatted a memory stick slowly to FAT 32 downloaded back-up image from here put it onto the usb and into the back of the box. Turned it on, everything seemed to be working.The box flashed usb then straight over to fl5h. Stayed on flash for around 4-5 mins, then moved onto boot. It then loads up the boot screen but gets no further. I removed the usb stick and then rebooted the box but still no different.

    I have now tried four different images including the open ATV firmware from the Zgemma website. I have tried 8 different memory sticks including a brand new 8GB scan disk cruzer I went and bought today. They all range from 2gb upto 32gb, all have been low level formatted using HDD guru and then formatted slowly using windows formatting tool. I have also downloaded a couple of partitioning tools to use them to format the stick but still no good. I have also tried flashing with the bootloader first, then flashing the firmware image.

    I just get the same result every time, It goes onto FL5H, seems to carrying out the flash fine but then cant get any further then the boot logo. I'm at the end of my tether with don't know where to go next. Seen a few posts on this with same problem which is where i got most of what i have already tried to rectify it.

    Any help would greatly be appreciated

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    welcome everyone. I would need some help, so Zgemma Star 2 s started up and used to log in with a picture attached. unfortunately after installing any software, it will only come in. With this OpenAtv 6.1 software, I can still go to libraries via the Internet. What could be the mistake of flash memory or ram?


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