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OpenSPA 7.2

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  • OpenSPA 7.2

    OPENSPA 7.2.005
    What is new

    - Added new module at Panel Extra to install and update oscam from official page.
    - Updated OpenSPA update wizard (spanewfirm).
    - Fixed spzaddiptv dependencies in ARM.
    - Fixed mark bouquets import at spzremotechannels
    - Allowed info button configuration in channel list
    - Added simple EPG and OpenSPA electronic guide to select by default at info and epg buttons in channel list.
    - Fixed errors when try to modify scheduled event with repetition from epg.
    - Added button to make opkg update in OpenSPA plugins panel.

    New skin Spa24HD available to download and install from Install openSPA plugins.

    User : root
    Pass : openspa


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    Open SPA 7.2 is sharing the latest post that is shown by the junior member with the multiple resources. The module has added up with the panel that can install and update the official page forum with the digital art of making some kind of good and creative stuff.


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      OpenSPA 7.2 is now become the older version as it came in late 2018. Now you can get the latest version from the given blog lock installation and you can upgrade your video performance of the channels as well in latest version.


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        Mark channel has a list of the function that can work among the parties to get data with the articles to put on this list. Firmware has a list of the series that can work at iv drip therapy with the desired fields to have data among the latest activity to read these posts on it.


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          Movie storm website page has segmented the forum that is needed that could not e find that a determined attempt. The question is about the need help with the muha meds carts of three just simple steps like log in, help of documentation, and the contact of community administration.