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Unable to connect Zgemma-star 2S to Virgin Router by ethernet cable

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  • Unable to connect Zgemma-star 2S to Virgin Router by ethernet cable


    I have had a Zgemma-star 2S for about four months and it has worked perfectly connected by an ethernet cable to a BT Home Hub receiving around 12meg.

    Four days ago I changed broadband supplier to Virgin Media receiving 53meg. Since then I have been unable to view channels as the ethernet cable does not seem to be connecting the two devices. The yellow light flashes on the Virgin router and a green light flashes on the Zgemma box but no channels apart from free to air.

    I still have BT broadband active and as soon as I reconnect the ethernet cable to the BT Home Hub the picture comes back in a few seconds.

    The Virgin Router works fine with an ethernet wired connection to both my Sony Blu Ray player and my laptop. It also work wirelessly with my NowTV box and all the phones and tablets in the house as well as my laptop.

    I have rebooted my Virgin Router twice and also run a factory reset but this has made no difference.

    I have also turned off both BT and Virgin routers, rebooted Zgemma, waited fve minutes, turned on Virgin router, waited 10 minutes and then rebooted Zgemma again as advised on another thread I read elsewhere but this didn't solve the problem.

    I am stumped.

    If anyone on here has any idea of the issue(s) causing this problem I would be very grateful for any assistance.



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    Solved issue by going onto another forum. THe solution to my issue was:-

    Its a dns problem with some virgin superhubs. You need to go into network settings on your box and turn off dchp then press the blue button i think to change the DNS primary and alternate. primary is or Alternate is Or Save it and restart box.


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      Hi Dave, I tried the above but it didn't work for me unfortunately. Can u give me the details of the other forum so I can have a look around there please? Steve.


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