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  • crossepg

    anyone having problems with crossepg not completing on 28.2e

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    Yes lots having to switch from cross to xmltv. Or from atv to unofficial vix to fix.
    any fix uv found?


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      Hi I read on another forum the following fix, in CrossEPG deselect everything except in OpenTV select s*y uk open tv, then download.It has been working fine for the last few days,much quicker download and just the odd empty channel but if you select it the info fills in OK.


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        I had problems with crossepg not completing and stopping downloading at 488k . the answer was to go back to version 0.6.2 the latest version 0.8.2 and 0.7.2 of crossepg tries to use one of the twin tuners. This doesn't seem to work on the zgemma. I f you side load "enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-crossepg_0.6.2-svn-300-r0_mipsel.ipk" The receiver changes to that channel as though the box is single tuner and fully downloads All the the info. The only drag is that the box is tuned to that channel for a few minutes, but as I have set mine to download at 4 am its no big deal


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          i have given up on crossepg i use a mixture of cooltguide and xmltvimporter and xmltvrytec fills out all the epg you will get the three of them on openatv under extensions press green button twice on cooltv press yelow button go down to start cool channel guide with down button turn it to yes then red button to save it now run xmltvimporter then blue button for sources tick rytec uk then enable dailly automatic import then green button then yellow button and let it import the epg it will take a wee while to do once it is done restart your box then press down button and then yellow and you will then have the full 7 day epg if you press yellow twice you will be able to see more channels