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    further comment - Vu+ Duo is with Openvix Apollo


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      my Vu= Duo has Openvix Apollo so different Oscam etc.


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        i am using mgcamd 1.38c for sly uk and it is working fine i have tried CCcam 2.30 and it works good also what i do is just take my nline and save it as CCcam.cfg then put that in etc my nline goes in usr keys you will have to put mg_cfg to get it to work in my nline i take out N: and replace it with CWS = in uppercase


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          SKY Pay Card now working with doscam - I would like to thank zeini for a solution to my softcam problem and especially thank bighun for the time spent trying to instruct a slow learner.

          the vucc v0.8 has allowed me to progress with the loading of .ipk's

          luckily for me after seeing bighun last post that a present seems over my head I had another close look at the softcam panel and realised that as the zgemma has only one slot, I have been incorrectly looking for two .ipk's oscam and cccam

          I then found I was NOT stopping (red button) before starting (green button) and so when trying new .ipk's from softcam package and suggested softcams I was not actually starting the new softcam i.e. doscam - I now know.

          so again I really appreciate the assistance given


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            no bother at all we all had to start somewhere