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RJ45 Mag Jack possible design flaw

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  • RJ45 Mag Jack possible design flaw


    I have purchased an H9.2S unit a few days ago from a Dutch vendor. I have tried to connect it via Ethernet and found out that no matter which cable I was using the RJ45 would not clip in. I initially thought that the connector on the Zgemma unit had been damaged somehow but upon a closer inspection I have noticed that the plastic protrusions within the Mag Jack (the ones close to the LEDs) are actually deeper than normal connectors, This means that when plugging a cable in the plastic latch on the RJ45 won't be able to lift up and clip in.

    Could you please comment on this, hopefully I'm totally wrong or that at least this affects only my unit

    I'd be happy to provide a detailed imaged but I see that I can't by default.


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    Here is a link to a couple of videos showing some cables working and some not. In contrast I showed the same cables all working with a Raspberry Pi