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OpenDroid 4.3 backup image and restore image problem

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  • OpenDroid 4.3 backup image and restore image problem

    I have made a full backup of a full working image for my Zgemma H1 with everything installed ( plugins/settings etc..) using the 4.3 OpenDroid image and the "software manager" . I wanted to flash a second zgemma H1 new box I have bought using the recently made backup image from my first box
    when I try to flash the new box using the zgemma backup folder recently made via backup in software manager and try to boot via the usb it just sticks on "flash" and doesn't flash. I checked in the "software manager" and I cannot see were it says to "restore image". Software manager only allows you to backup either image or settings and even restore settings but I can't see were it says restore image.

    Can someone please explain how I make a full backup and mirror this image on to a new zgemma H1 ?

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    I already answered here


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      OpenDroid 4.3 backup image problem has caused a lot of issues for people who are using to optimize their images. I can only hope that this problem goes away soon.