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Audio not Lipsysnc after standby.

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  • Audio not Lipsysnc after standby.


    after putting the box into standby over night, the next morning the audio is out of sync. After testing i can say that it increases with time, for example after 8 hours it is almost half a second.

    I use:
    latest Original OpenATV 4.2
    Tested with both cable and/or satellite

    Please advice

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    Hi Janty,

    Please restart it and try, we will test and analyse, restart will be fine.


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      Hello Yanmei,

      axactly that is what i advice my customers, but the problem exists after the next longer standby period. I also installed OpenPLi-4.0 (and added VFD-control), but this image has the same problem.

      My solution for now is:
      1-flash image,
      2-install vfd-control (because it is missing in standard image, only available in openatv )
      3-edit global audio settings to -/- 35 ms and SAVE
      4-backup this image.
      5- install the backup on all the boxes.

      It looks to be a driver issue, because both openAtv and PLI have the same issue.

      thanks for your help,


      Jan TY


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        Hi Jan,

        Only one piece like this? how many pcs you have bought it is not driver problem, because other box no have this problem, or maybe you send back the baord, we check.


        • janty
          janty commented
          Editing a comment

          We received 1 day before cristmiss our first delivery of 60 pieces, (the next 40 are allrrady shipped), and i am sorry to say that all the boxes have exactly the same audiosync Problem, but only after some time on stanby.
          Nevertheless, it is a minor fixable issue, and after i have made my backup for satellite and cable, the boxes are running 🏃 fine.



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        Hi where will i find a working vfd-control on OpenATV? I have only found one for SH4 decoders.


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            Can someone explain where I can find vfd-control? I am also having the lipsync problem.


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              This error occurs due to a long standby of your computer or Led tv when you put it on for hours. I could suggest restart in this scenario of custom essay writing and it will fix problem if audio syncing.