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  • H2S Newbie advice?


    I've just bought a Zgemma H2S and am still very new to all of this. After watching a number of YouTube videos, I managed to update to Wooshbuild Infinity and also added a subscription Line (after lots of trial & error, & time). The box now works, but is a little quirky and I guess will take some time to get used to.

    I'm trying to find a decent source of newbie friendly advice / howto's that will guide a novice through the setup and ongoing addons - I've looked at and, but they both seem very overwhelming at not at all newbie friendly.

    I've a few questions that I'd like cleared up and am wondering if anyone could help?

    1. My newly bought Zgemma H2S came with Open ATV 6.1 installed and I'm wondering if I need to / should upgrade to the latest (Open ATV 6.2 at time of writing) build and if this will affect the Wooshbuild that I put on? Or, should I do the Open ATV upgrade and then do the Wooshbuild Infinity install again?

    2. My newly bought Line sub will only work if I have my VPN turned on. I use vm broadband and have told by the Line suppliers that all their other customers work fine over vm, without having to use a VPN. I'm therefore wondering if there's any settings I should be making? Any ideas?

    3. This last question is a little 'out there' since I'm able to stream my subscribed Line and a trial Line (acquired purely as a test) via VLC on my windows 7 desktop absolutely perfectly. However, when I use my Win 10 laptop or desktop, I can only stream the trial Line and not my subscribed line. I don't understand why my Win7 desktop would be able to stream both the subscribed Line and the trial Line, but my newer Win10 machines can't stream my subscribed Line. I've done all the usual network diagnostics i.e. ensuring ports open, firewalls off, etc. - been pulling my hair out over this for the past few days - any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!