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Will there be BlackHole image for H.2S?

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  • Will there be BlackHole image for H.2S?

    I see new Blackhole image has been made for Cloud Ibox - can you patch to the new H2 boxes please?

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    Don't worry,our engineer will make it in the future,pls wait


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      I can not do this because it requires a patch module DVB the kernel and since it is encrypted, I can not do anything to make it work on the series Zgemma.
      I had already forwarded the changes to the module DVB of the kernel, but apparently this is not feasible.


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        Hello all, newbe, just bought a H2s and tried to download some plugins, now the box boots and hangs on open atv screen but does not respond to remote control, activity symbol ( hourglass )rotating as if its doing something, left running all night and still the same, downloaded opentv and openvid to usb stick and tried to boot with usb in back but no change, display never shows "usb", pressing poweron button on front is ignored, display counts from 00 to 100 and then displays the time, can anyone help please ?


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          make sure and format your usb stick in fat32 then download the image from here then put the zgemma folder onto your usb stick if it still does`nt work try other usb sticks until you get one to work the boxes are picky with usb sticks they work with


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            where can i download vucc v.D8

            please ignore this post as i have found and downloaded vucc
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