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Correct Firmware for H2

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  • Correct Firmware for H2

    Hi All which is the correct firmware for the H2?
    I am having an issue remote?
    Not working intermittently well more or less never.
    I purchased a new remote and nothing - don't know if I have to do something to make that one work...- got a universal remote tried copy the buttons still nothing..
    So suspect box not remote?

    Any help gratefully received - ta

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    Have you tried with new batteries in original remote?

    Is your box online on LAN? Than you can also install on a mobilephone or tablet an app. Eg tiMote, or Dreamdroid. So your phone or tablet is your remote control.

    Do you have Zgemma Star H2, or Zgemma H2S. There are different images. Best image I think is from OpenHDF. You can find it here.
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